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RTT offers an extensive choice of centrifugal, vortex, spiral and chemical pumps with excellent technical characteristics and versatility of the range. Also we are ready to deliver highly accurate consumables to meet the demand of various branches of oil and gas industry.


1. Gear pumps.


  • gear pumps for bitumen;

  • gear oil pumps for general industrial applications.

2. Vortex pumps.

Vortex pumps are used for pumping of clean water, and neutral and chemically active liquids which are not aggressive to the material of the flow part.

3. Centrifugal borehole pumps.

They are used for pumping of water from drilling and artesian wells.

Borehole pumps can be both submersible and semi-submersible. A submersible pump is completely submerged in the liquid medium during operation, whereas a semi-submersible pump has another operating position: a pump is in liquid and the motor is on the surface.

4. Chemical pumps.

In this group there are centrifugal pumps, which are used for pumping of various fluids, and are different from ordinary water by their chemical composition and physical properties (eg, with high density, temperature, containing abrasive inclusions). Due to their specifications, these pumps are often used for chemical production.

A special feature of chemical pumps is the variety of materials of flowing part, seal design, the degree of explosion protection and configuration.

4.1. Centrifugal oil pumps

These pumps are designed for processing (pumping) of crude oil, petroleum products, liquefied hydrocarbons and liquids similar to oil and petroleum products on physical and chemical properties. The centrifugal oil pumps can be of various design, with different control systems of oil pumping.

One-step pumps


  • refineries;
  • petrochemical facilities;
  • gas cycle units.

Console pumps for petroleum products

Centrifugal console pumps and electric pump units on its basis are intended for pumping of petroleum products. Pumps are allowed to work in hazardous industries where it can be formation of mixtures of gases and vapors with air.

Centrifugal oil pumps with bilateral input


Centrifugal pumps of this type are used for pumping of petroleum products without contamination of mechanical impurities (crude oil, motor gasoline, aviation gasoline, diesel fuel).

Monobloc pumps for petroleum products

Pumps are designed for pumping of petroleum products.

4.2. Cavity pumps for oil and gas industry

RTT delivers single-rotor pumps, drainage and rotary piston pumps on a steel frame complete with motors. These pumps are used for production, transportation, preparation and delivery of formation fluid at sites of accounting, as well as for transportation of household and industrial fluids or accidental spills.

  • Borehole cavity pumps and drives for oil extraction;
  • cavity high-pressure pumps - pumps for constant pressure maintaining, main pumps;
  • cavity multiphase pumps for transporting of crude oil, petroleum, formation fluid;
  • cavity submersible pumps for pumping of different fluids out of tanks, sumps and reservoir;
  • dosing pumps and cavity batchers for continuous dosing of different chemical fluids (reagents) in oil and gas industry; they also use a dosing pump on the nodes of accounting and control of commercial oil;
  • cavity pumps for forced emptying of tank vehicles with viscous fluids;
  • cam pumps.
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