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Our partners have decades of achievements


Construction is the core business of our consortium. Our alliance has been delivering world-class, comprehensive construction services in the energy, and steelwork disciplines for over a century.

For more than a century, construction has been the essence of Russian Export Services. With successfully completed projects around the world, we have the resources and knowledge to undertake any job, anywhere, with unmatched expertise. We're familiar with construction regulations and labor laws around the world, and we have a proven record of working smoothly with local government agencies, subcontractors and suppliers. We respect and support the ethnic, religious and political diversity of the communities we serve.


Our construction management teams are highly experienced in modular and conventional construction, project management, construction inspection and management, scheduling, welding and quality assurance, plant start-ups and commissioning. Whether the projects are large capital, small capital or packaged, single-disciplined scope, we approach each with the same level of professionalism, integrity and commitment.

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