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RTT delivers large diameter pipes manufactured by Russian's leading maufacturer of large diameter pipes as well as induction pipe bends (black and coated) according to national and international standards or to customer specification, made from SAW pipes, for the oil and gas industry, in sizes ranging from 508 mm up to 1524 mm, with wall thicknesses from 7.0 mm up to 40.0 mm and in steel grades from X 52 up to X 80.rnrn

Storage Tanks

RTT can deliver storage tanks that are used for storage and transshipment of of bitumen, fuel oil, oil. We supply only the products that have been made on the modern equipment and which are in wide demand not only in Russia but also in other developing countries.


RTT supplies trunk equipment and valves, as well as the full range of components for the construction and repair of main, field and industrial pipelines.

Oil and gas treatment facilities

RTT delivers facilities for oil and gas treatment, compressor and heat transfer equipment, as well as products for gas turbines.


RTT offers an extensive choice of centrifugal, vortex, spiral and chemical pumps with excellent technical characteristics and versatility of the range. Also we are ready to deliver highly accurate consumables to meet the demand of various branches of oil and gas industry.


RTT offers transformers of reliable manufacturers. They use only modern techniques and high-tech equipment while manufacturing this product, thereby supplied transformers are of high quality and reliability, ensuring uninterrupted operation for a long term.

Equipment for thermal power plants

RTT delivers boilers and other heating equipment for thermal power plants.

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