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Renewable energy Bioenergy

Bioenergy means energy production of various types of biofuels. The notion of "bioenergy" is used in electric power, thermal power generation and co-production of heat and electricity.

In Russia, the concept of "bioenergy" in terms of energy use appeared with the first biofuel enterprises that exported biofuels to the European Union. It was there that biofuels used in heat power plants to generate heat and electricity. It was there that biofuels were used in heat power plants to generate heat and electricity.


For power generation among all renewable resources the most widely used is wood as firewood. Applications: home heating, cooking and water heating, if there is no access to the main natural gas pipeline, coal delivery is relatively expensive, and there is considerable forest reserves. However, application of the natural woods in a power engineering is less profitable, than in pulp and paper and wood industries.

Hydrolysis technology can be considered one of the promising directions in development of wood usage.

Peat is fossil fuels that contains 50-60% of carbon. It is formed by the accumulation of moss residue exposed incomplete decomposition in swampy conditions.

Until the 90ies the peat industry occupied a significant place in the fuel energy of Russia. Explored peat reserves amount to over 150 billion tons (40% moisture), the main reserves are concentrated in western Siberia and the north-west European part. Resources of peat deposits are a little more concentrated, however are thus even more remote, than forest ones.

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