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Renewable energy Hydropower

Hydropower is a branch of economic activities, a set of larger natural and artificial subsystems serving for conversion of water flow energy into electrical energy. All over the world hydropower is one of the most important type of renewable power for electricity production.

Water resources is renewable and the most eco-friendly source of energy, the use of which allows to reduce the emissions of thermal power plants and maintain reserves of hydrocarbon fuels for future generations.

Hydroelectric power can be cost-effective, mainly in the case of complex use: to generate electricity, to improve conditions of navigation or melioration.

The contribution of small hydropower plants in the world electric power has the same scale as the other sources of renewable energy.

A properly designed system of small hydropower plants can harmoniously exist in the environment and has a minimal negative ecological impact. Small hydroelectric power stations are mainly built on channels, they have small reservoirs or sometimes don't. A small hydroelectric power station is not just a smaller version of a large hydropower plant, for its effective operation it is necessary to use special equipment that can provide simplicity of work, high efficiency of energy, and also high reliability.

It is necessary to reduce the risks and increase the efficiency of existing hydroelectric power plants in order of sustainable development of this branch.

Advantages of hydropower:

  • the use of renewable energy;

  • very cheap electricity;

  • work is not accompanied by harmful emissions into the atmosphere;

  • fast beginning of output mode after station inclusion (in comparison with TPP).

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