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Renewable energy Wind Power

Wind power is a branch of renewable power specializing in converting of a kinetic energy of air masses into electric, mechanical, thermal or into any other form of energy, convenient for use in the economy.

For this conversion they need the following basic units:

  • wind turbine - to produce electricity;

  • windmill - to make conversion into mechanical energy;

  • sail - to use on transport.

Wind power is a rapid developing industry. In Russia there are great reserves of natural gas that can grandly develop wind power, because natural gas suites highly maneuverable generation better than any other fuels. Large wind farms join in an overall network, smaller farms are used to supply remote areas with electricity. It is possible to build large wind farms in areas that are close to consumers and have a suitable infrastructure. It is also very effective to built small wind turbines, for example, for raising of the groundwater and direct generation of heat in the steppe countryside.


  • unlike conventional thermal power plants, wind farms do not use water, and it can significantly reduce the volume of water usage;

  • wind turbine reduces annual emissions of nitrogen oxides;

  • wind generators do not consume fossil fuel during work;

  • unlike fossil fuels, wind energy is practically inexhaustible, widely available and more environmentally friendly.

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