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Renewable energy Solar Power

Solar power is a type of alternative power, based on the direct use of solar radiation for getting energy.

Solar power uses an inexhaustible source of energy and is environmentally friendly. Energy production using solar power is combined with the concept of the distributed generation.

Solar power in Russia is in its infancy.

There are several methods for producing electricity and heat from solar radiation:

  • phototovoltatic type, it is generating electricity using photovoltaic cells;

  • heliothermal power engineering, it is heating surface that absorbs solar rays, and the subsequent its distribution and use in the heating system or in the steam generator.

A special type of solar thermal power stations is concentrated solar power system. At such plants, the energy of sunlight is focused in a concentrated beam of the sun by means of system of lenses and mirrors. This beam is used as a source of thermal energy for heating of working fluid that is consumed for power generation (as at usual power plants) or stored for energy conservation.

Conversion of solar energy into electricity is carried by means of thermal machines:

  • steam engines (piston or turbine), using water vapor, carbon dioxide, propane, butane, freon;

  • Stirling engine;

  • thermoair power plant, it is conversion of solar energy into the air flow directed to the turbine generator;

  • solar power aerostat stations, it is generation of steam inside aerostat balloon due to solar heating of the surface of the aerostat coated with selective absorbing material. The advantage of this type is following: there is enough vapor stock in the balloon to work at night-time and in inclement weather.

Advantages of solar power:

  • accessibility and inexhaustible source;

  • theoretically, it is completely pollution-free.

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