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Power is an important sector of the Russian economy. The country has significant reserves of energy resources and the potential of renewable energy sources, one of the ten richest countries in energy resources.

1. Electric power industry.

The power industry as branch of economy integrates processes of generation, transmission, transformation and electricity consumption. Currently, there are wholesale generating companies and territorial generating companies. In the structure of the industry stands out - 36 %, fuel and energy complex - 18%, the residential sector - 15%.

Main advantages: the energy is simply transferred over long distances, the ability to transform into other types of energy,  almost no pollution.

In the 20-30th years of the XX century the impetus to energetic development of the USSR was given by scale construction region thermal and hydroelectric power plants. In the fifties, the progress in the field of energy was associated with the scientific developments in the field of the atom and the construction of nuclear power plants. In the following years there was the development of hydro potential of Siberia and of the mineral resources of Western Siberia.

1.1. Nuclear power.

Russia possesses technology of nuclear power industry of a full stroke from production of uranium ores before electric power framing. Industrial application of the technology of fast reactor significantly increases fuel reserves for classical reactors. The main scientific direction is the development of the technology of controlled thermonuclear fusion.

1.2. Hydropower.

The main type is the conversion of water flow energy into electrical energy. The bulk of the capacity is concentrated in Siberia and the Far East - far away from the major consumers of electricity, and its implementation is linked with the industrial development of these regions. Multiple Russian marine and ocean bays with high tides that reach a height of 10 meters are of great potential.

2. Fuel power.

Fuel energy complex includes industries engaged in production, processing and marketing of fuel and energy raw materials and finished products. It includes coal, gas, oil, peat, oil shale and uranium mining industry.

Energy industry has evolved through several stages: coal (up to the mid XX century.), oil and gas (hitherto).

3. Renewable Energy.

3.1. Bioenergy:

  • wood
  • peat

3.2. Geothermal energy is a type of power sector based on electricity generation at the expense of the energy contained in the earth, geothermal stations. In Russia it is actively being explored deposits of thermal waters.

3.3. Wind energy is a type of power sector, specializing in the conversion of kinetic energy of air masses in the electrical, mechanical or thermal energy. The construction of large wind farms is very effectively.

3.4. Solar energy is a type of alternative power sector, based on the direct use of solar radiation to obtain the necessary form of energy. In Russia this area of energy is under development.

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