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Power is an important sector of the Russian economy. The country has significant reserves of energy resources and the potential of renewable energy sources, one of the ten richest countries in energy resources.


RTT offers transformers of reliable manufacturers. They use only modern techniques and high-tech equipment while manufacturing this product, thereby supplied transformers are of high quality and reliability, ensuring uninterrupted operation for a long term.

Equipment for thermal power plants

RTT delivers boilers and other heating equipment for thermal power plants.

Equipment for electric power production

All equipment supplied by RTT undergoes the necessary testing and control at the factory before dispatch to the customer; it allows to optimize the timing of equipment installation and commissioning.

Equipment for power generation

RTT is ready to deliver various equipment for power generation, that can be used for installation on large industrial combined heat and power plants. Supplied turbines can be designed for both technical reequipment of TPP and for newly constructed plants.

Low voltage equipment

RTT delivers low-voltage electrotechnical equipment, which is produced on modern equipment using the latest technology. This equipment can be used under moderate, cold and tropical climates.

High voltage equipment

High voltage equipment is intended for reception, conversion and transmission of electrical energy. Also, it is often used to lower the voltage. Group of high voltage equipment consists of complete transformer substations, switchgear, substation controls and other similar devices. This equipment can be used as network substations and substations of different enterprisies, including oil producing ones and urban substations.

Cable products

Power cable is a complicated and multi-functional product. Currently there is no object neither residentia nor industrial one without power cables.

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