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Renewable Energy

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Oil & Gas Underground Storage Facilities

In the energy industry the storage of natural gas is of great importance both as a strategic reserve and to meet peak load demands.

Underground storage of crude oil and mineral oil products is mainly done for strategic reasons. In the past three decades RTT partners have been able to distinguish itself as a consulting engineering company of international standing. The simulation of all injection and withdrawal processes involved in the operation of gas storage facilities, the implementation of short switching and ramp-up times as well as of fully remote controlled systems comprise core competences in this field.

Underground storage facilities include: 

  • Gas storage facilities in porous and permeable rock formations
  • Rock cavern storage facilities for oil and gas
  • Gas compressor stations
  • Gas treatment plants incl. dehydration, desulphurisation and CO2 removal
  • Pumping stations
  • Oil processing plants
  • Produced water treatment facilities
  • Field flow lines and production manifolds
  • Inhibitor injection facilitie
  • Well completion
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