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Products Mining industry

Mining industry is a set of industries engaged in exploration and extraction of minerals, as well as in their primary processing and delivery of semi-finished products.

Drilling equipment

RTT can provide modern drilling equipment that meet international quality standards.

Mining, coking and agglomerative equipment

RTT is ready to supply sophisticated equipment for the mining, sintering and coke-chemical work areas, such as ball and rod mills, as well as spare parts.

Hoisting-conveying equipment

RTT can deliver a variety of hoisting-conveying equipment for mining complex.

Rolling equipment

RTT offers various rolling equipment from the stock or on order.

Equipment for iron-making complex

RTT is ready to provide mining enterprises with professional equipment for a blast furnace production.

Steel-making equipment

RTT can supply high quality steel-making equipment for steel enterprises.


RTT can equip mining industry facilities with electrical products for ensuring of all types of works.

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