Cost Effectiveness

20 000km of Pipelines

Our group has collectivelly designed and built over 20000 Km worldwide

Products Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the set of branches, industries and organizations within these branches needed for the operation of society or enterprises, or the services and facilities necessary for an economy to function.

Rolled metal products for bridges and flyovers

RTT is ready to supply any metallic rolling, required for construction of bridges and flyovers, in stock and on order.

Long products

RTT can supply welded steel I-beams for building constructions with length from 3 to 16 meters. Upon request, we can apply anti-corrosion and refinishing on welded beams.

Steel structures for buildings with large span and sports equipment

RTT is ready ti supply bearing structures of covering of ice arenas and stadiums - steel arch of composite section with span of 99 m and step of 12 m; each arch is welded construction of profile pipes.

Railway machinery and equipment

RTT is ready to supply modern mainline passenger diesel locomotives, passenger and freight electric locomotives of the new generation, as well as rail-cars and other equipment for railways.

Aircraft equipment

RTT can deliver high quality systems that provide regular flights regardless of weather conditions.

Road construction materials

RTT can offer reinforced concrete products, geosynthetics, vibration noise absorbing materials, as well as sound barriers.

Protective equipment and traffic management systems

RTT is ready to deliver various means of ensuring safety of traffic, such as signal and light signs and barriers.

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