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Mining industry Ferrous metallurgy

Ferrous metallurgy is a branch of the heavy industry incorporating extraction, enrichment and agglomeration of crude ore, smelting of iron (blast furnace production) and steel, production of rolled metal, pipes, ferroalloys, iron powders, alloyed metals, refractories and secondary processing of ferrous metals.

Main sub-sectors of ferrous metallurgy:

  • iron ore industry,
  • manganese ore industry,
  • chromite industry.

The most part of the iron ores are mined by open cast mining (open pit), the less by underground coal mining (mine). All mined iron ores are exposed to fragmentation and sorting. In connection with involvement in mining and processing of iron ores with low concentration of iron the proportion of ores sent to enrichment is continuously increased.

The main types of products of ferrous metallurgy:

  • ores;
  • concentrates;
  • pellets;
  • agglomerate;
  • cast iron;
  • steel;
  • hot-rolled and cold-rolled metal;
  • steel pipe;
  • hard-wares and other metal products.

Ferrous metallurgy consumes almost all extracted volume of iron oxides, 90-95% of manganese and a majority of chrome ores.

Ferrous metallurgy is a basis of development of mechanical engineering and construction. The main feedstock for getting of ferrous metals is iron ore, manganese ore, coking coal and alloying metal ores.

In placing of ferrous metallurgy of full cycle raw materials and fuel play an important role; the combination of iron oxides and coking coals is also of great importance. Currently metallurgical plants of Russian metallurgical branch are located near to the iron ore deposits. At placement of the enterprises they take also into account available supply of water, electricity, natural gas.

Russian share in the world reserves of iron ore is 32% (57 billion tons), and the annual ore production is 15 % of the world ones. Bakchar iron ore deposit in Tomsk region is the greatest deposit of iron ore in Russia and, probably, even in the world. An important feature of Bakchar ore is the presence of associated components in industrial concentrations: of manganese, vanadium, aluminum, titanium, chromium.

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