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Infrastructure Engineering infrastructure

Technical and engineering network is a set of systems and communications that provide consumers - population, household and industrial enterprises with normal vital activity.

Technical and engineering network is a set of pipelines, communications and other facilities intended for technical and engineering provision of buildings and structures.

Engineering networks are facilities that give electricity, heat, clean water and air. Depending on their location engineering networks are internal or external. Thus, as a rule, external engineering networks are much more massive than internal ones.

Engineering infrastructure consists of:

  • external power supply systems: power lines, transformer and traction substations;
  • internal power supply systems: house networks with voltages up to 380 V;
  • external systems of heat supply: urban heating systems, heat points and intradistrict networks;
  • internal systems of a heat supply: hot water and heating supply of buildings and constructions;
  • external systems of water supply and water disposals: waterworks, water and sewage treatment plants, reservoirs, pumping stations, intradistrict networks;
  • internal systems of water supply and water disposals: systems of water supply and sanitation of buildings and structures;
  • ventilation and air conditioning of residential and public buildings, constructions and engineering facilities;
  • systems of external illumination of streets, roads, shop-windows, power lines with voltage up to 10 kv and below;
  • gas supply systems: gas distribution stations, pressure regulators, filters, safety valves, meters, gas pipelines;
  • external communication networks;
  • internal communication network: telephone network, structured cabling system, computer-aided dispatching management, access control, visualization system.

Design of engineering systems at high-quality level ensures long-term and stable operation.

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