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Infrastructure Social infrastructure

Social infrastructure is a set of branches and the enterprises that are provides normal life and activity of the population.

Development and efficient functioning of all the objects of social infrastructure, their availability to the population is an important condition to increase the life quality of the population of any country.

The most important functions of social infrastructure are:

  • to satisfy human needs;
  • to provide necessary level and quality of life;
  • to improve and save physical health of the population;
  • to reproduce labor force which quality satisfies production needs and level of its development;
  • to use manpower efficiently;
  • to ensure optimal housing and living conditions of the population.

Social infrastructure includes:

  • the health care system: hospitals and financing of health care, the systems for regulation and testing of medications and medical procedures, the system for training, inspection and professional discipline of doctors and other medical professionals, public health monitoring and regulations;
  • the educational and research system, including elementary and secondary schools, universities, specialized colleges, research institutions, the systems for financing and accrediting educational institutions;
  • social welfare systems, including both government support and private charity for the poor, for people in distress or victims of abuse;
  • housing, its construction, social and cultural objects, systems of housing and communal services;
  • enterprises and organizations providing rest and leisure;
  • retail, catering, services, sports and recreational infrastructure;
  • institutions providing legal, financial and credit services (legal consultancy, notarys offices, banks).

Development of branches of social infrastructure considers primal problems of the social policy aimed at improving of the quality of life, increasing of well-being and longevity, forming and reproduction of healthy and active generation.

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