A positive change

20 000km of Pipelines

Our group has collectivelly designed and built over 20000 Km worldwide

Mission, Vision and Values

RTT core values drive everything we do. Incorporating these values in our work and ensuring they become an integral part of our culture, is key in our future success.

Our values solidify who we are and what we believe. RTT's values are:

  • Uncompromising commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment
  • An open relationship with our partners based on mutual trust, respect and success
  • Transparency, Accountability and Discipline in our business
  • Integrity in all we do
  • Financial Responsibility to our stakeholders

Our mission defines what we set out to do each day. RTT's mission is:

To safely deliver any project, any time, in any environment for the benefit of our customers, employees and the communities we serve.

RTT's vision is to promote Russian contractors & manufacturers delivering projects, goods and services to a global marketplace. Our track record has proven that when faced with the task at hand, regardless of the challenges, we deliver the work that is expected of us.

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