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Health and Safety

We are concerned how our work may effect the Environment

Designing of services sector facilities and industrial objects

1. Designing of buildings for industrial and commercial applications:

  • hotels;
  • service enterprises of trade, catering, servicing of population;
  • industries;
  • warehouses;
  • office buildings;
  • parking;
  • auto technical centers.

The services are:

  • development of architectural and structural sections, general plans;
  • consulting services;
  • visualization and 3D-modeling;
  • construction management projects;
  • ecology and environmental protection;
  • traffic management projects;
  • development of specific sections of the project: engineering and technical measures, measures preventing emergency situations, including control centers in emergency situations;
  • protection against corrosion;
  • inspection of the technical condition of buildings and structures;
  • preparation of operational documents: emergency response plans, safety data sheets of hazardous production facilities, process regulations;
  • development of sketches of projects;
  • development of architectural solutions;
  • development of bearing and enclosing structures, roofing.

2. Designing of enterprises for maintenance and repair of machinery and tractors:

  • factories for the repair of tractors, agricultural and road-building machinery, vehicles, automotive engines;
  • servicing deports.

3. Designing of objects for storaging and processing of grain, flour and feed mills:

  • metal containers (silos) for grain and all bulk solids storage;
  • elevators;
  • port terminals for grain handling.

Our services are:

  • design and survey work;
  • development of project documentation;
  • supply of equipment, spare parts and materials;
  • construction, installation and commissioning;
  • customer training;
  • complex maintenance of constructed facilities in the warranty and post-warranty period.
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