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Power cable is a complicated and multi-functional product. Currently there is no object neither residentia nor industrial one without power cables.

By construction there is a power cable with copper or aluminum conductor core. Cable core can be single or multiwire as well as round and sector-shaped.

The design of power cables is different. There are power cables with a screen of copper wires and copper tape, which serves to reduce the electromagnetic interference. A number of power cables can have an armor that protects cables against mechanical damage.

Power cable sheath is made of different materials: PVC plastic, including ones with low flammability, with reduced smoke and gas emission and improved fire resistance; of polyethylene; of polymeric compositions that do not contain halogens, XLPE.

Cables for power industry:

  • power cables for fixed wiring for voltage up to 3 kV;
  • control cables;
  • power cables for fixed wiring for voltage 6, 10, 20 and 35 kV;
  • power cables for fixed wiring for voltage 64/110 kV;
  • wire and assembling cable;
  • cables for nonstationary padding;
  • power wires of common purpose;
  • cables and power wires for electrical installations;
  • uninsulated flexible wires;
  • wires self-supporting isolated and protected for overhead power lines;
  • uninsulated conductors for overhead lines;
  • power reactor wires.
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