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High voltage equipment is intended for reception, conversion and transmission of electrical energy. Also, it is often used to lower the voltage. Group of high voltage equipment consists of complete transformer substations, switchgear, substation controls and other similar devices. This equipment can be used as network substations and substations of different enterprisies, including oil producing ones and urban substations.

RTT can provide complex supplies of electrical equipment from the best manufacturers, that ensures smooth and reliable operation of both enterprises and settlements.

High-voltage equipment:

  • gas insulated circuit breakers (designed to perform switching operations);
  • gas-insulated current transformers;
  • compact module for open switchgear;
  • rigid sheath for open switchgear (designed to perform multi-span splints and connections of inside partitions of open switchgears of power stations and substations);
  • disconnectors of external unit (designed to enable and disable disconnected sections of electrical circuit under voltage, for grounding of disconnected sites using earthing, and for disabling of currents of idling of transformers and charging currents of air and cable lines);
  • disconnectors of external unit (designed to enable and disable disconnected sections of electrical circuits under voltage, and grounding of disconnected sites using earthing);
  • disconnectors of external unit of suspended type (designed to enable and disable de-energized parts of the circuit of high voltage);
  • disconnectors of internal unit;
  • grounders of external unit (designed for safety repairs and preventive examinations in switchgears by grounding of disabled electrical circuit sections);
  • sheath supports (used to support wires);
  • nonlinear overvoltage limiters (designed to protect electrical equipment from lightning overvoltage taking into account construction of power lines and access to substations);
  • dischargers:

- valve dischargers (designed to protect against atmospheric overvoltages of electrical equipment insulation and insulation of rotating electrical machines);

- tubular dischargers (designed to protect the power lines and insulation of electrical stations and substations in conjunction with other protective equipment);

  • polymer insulators:

- supporting insulators (designed for isolating and fixing of current carrying parts in electrical units and distribution devices;

- linear suspended insulators (designed for isolating and fixing of wires of overhead power lines);

  • transformer substations:

- transformer substations (designed to receive of electric power of three-phase (single-phase) AC, its conversion and distribution to consumers);

- pole mounted transformer substations;

- transformer mast substations;

- closed transformer substations;

  • fuse disconnectors of exhaust type (designed to protect power transformers and distribution systems against short circuits and limiting reloading currents);
  • sets of high voltage traverses (intended for fixing of protected wires of one-chain high voltage lines on wooden supports that are constructed in occupied and unpopulated areas).
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