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Renewable Energy

We offer a comprehensive supply of equipment and range of services for the production of GREEN electricity

Products Power Low voltage equipment

RTT delivers low-voltage electrotechnical equipment, which is produced on modern equipment using the latest technology. This equipment can be used under moderate, cold and tropical climates.

  • roller switch disconnectors (designed for manual switching of power circuits);
  • switch disconnectors fuses (designed to protect against overloads and short circuits, as well as against non-automatic switching of power circuits);
  • fuse switch disconnectors (intended for switching on, transmission and disconnection of the AC network, as well as for protection against overloads and short circuits);
  • switching devices based on reed switch (used for switching of auxiliary circuits of low voltage into electrical control circuit of high voltage devices and other products);
  • distribution cabinets (designed for the distribution of electric energy, protection of electrical units at overloads and short circuits, for infrequent switching on and off switching of electrical circuits and starting of induction motors);
  • electromagnetic blocking (designed to prevent erroneous actions of the attendants in the production of switches in electrical switchgear and is used in drives for high-voltage disconnectors and earthing switches).
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