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RTT is ready to deliver various equipment for power generation, that can be used for installation on large industrial combined heat and power plants. Supplied turbines can be designed for both technical reequipment of TPP and for newly constructed plants.

1. Steam turbines for steam power units:

  • condensing steam turbine;
  • steam cogeneration turbine;
  • steam turbines of 30-60 MW.

2. Steam turbines for combined cycle units.

Nowadays combined cycle units play an important role in the structure of power capacities because of their high efficiency. Due to the low unit cost, maneuverability and many other factors combined-cycle plants meet all the requirements specific to stationary power on reliability, sustainability and environmental friendliness. Advantages of combined cycle units are shown at the availability and relatively low cost of natural gas.

3. Bottom stream turbines.

To solve the problem of energy shortage we offer to use bottom stream turbines that significantly helps to increase electricity production at combined heat and power plants and also partially to solve the problems of heat supply.

We are ready to supply bottom steam turbines working with steam from collectors of heating or industrial selections of turbines.

4. Gas energetic turbines.

This type of turbine is designed for the combined generation of electricity and heat. The units can be used as:

  • independent sources of electricity and heat supply in remote regions and in newly developed areas;
  • backup power supply of responsible consumers under normal and special circumstances, including to meet the peak of electricity load lasting 200-500 hours per year;
  • a part of gas turbine unit or TPP;
  • a part of combined cycle units (CCPP) with heat recovery boiler and a steam turbine or power boilers in case of exhaust gases reset into it.

5. Gas utilization turbine.

Gas turbine utilization unit is intended for a utilization of excessive pressure energy of natural gas by generating of additional electricity.

6. Gas utilization compressorless turbine.

This turbine is designed to produce electrical energy due to overpressure of blast furnace gas at metallurgical plants.

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