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Renewable Energy

We offer a comprehensive supply of equipment and range of services for the production of GREEN electricity

Products Power Equipment for thermal power plants

RTT delivers boilers and other heating equipment for thermal power plants.

We are ready to supply the following thermal equipment:

  • steam boilers;

  • HRSG;

  • low pressure heaters;

  • network water heaters.

Besides boilers by agreement delivery may include the following equipment:

  • sootblowers;
  • fuel supplying, coal pulverizing and preparation units;
  • draft machines and turboblowers;
  • air heater units with pipes and fittings;
  • gold treatment plants, including electrostatic precipitators;
  • metal structures of chimneys;
  • dust and gas ducting complete with valves and expansion joints;
  • station pipelines.

Also we supply other equipment for thermal power plants:

  • dense valves for dust and gas ducting (round, rectangular);
  • hinge and flexible non-metallic expansion joints;
  • centrifugal and telescopic dust separators and dust hubs;
  • steam and hot water heaters made of spiral finned tubes;
  • smooth pipe, membrane and ribbed heating surfaces;
  • uniform sections of the tubular air heaters;
  • regenerative airheaters with improved heat transfer characteristics.
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