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Nitrogen fertilizers are nitrogen-containing substances that are used to increase land productivity. To mineral nitrogen fertilizers they relate amide, ammonia and nitrate ones. Mainly nitrogen fertilizer is produced from synthetic ammonia.

Ammonia nitrogen fertilizers

In this type of fertilizer nitrogen is in the ammonium form, so it is perfectly absorbed by all kinds of plants. Ammonia nitrogen fertilizers are also well absorbed by the soil, therefore they are not subjected to washout by spring floods and heavy rains.

This group includes:

  • ammonium sulphate;
  • ammonium sulfide;
  • ammonium chloride;
  • ammonium carbonate.

Ammonium sulfate is used as a fertilizer, in production of viscose, in the food industry, in biochemistry for protein purification, as an additive during chlorination of the tap water. Toxicity of ammonium sulfate is very low.

Ammonium sulfate is widely used as a nitrogen-sulfur fertilizer in easily digestible and not acrid form; it can be used at any time of a year, it doesn't acidify the soil.

Ammonium chloride is nitrogen fertilizer for neutral and alkaline soils; it is used for crops that badly react to excess of chlorine, for example, sugar beet, rice, corn. At its applying into the soil it quickly dissolves and enters into exchange reactions. In the soil ammonium nitrogen transforms partly into nitrate form, that's why the fertilizer is considered as physiologically acidic one.

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