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Sport is a specific kind of physical and intellectual activity aimed at competition, as well as targeted training. In combination with rest, desire of gradual improvement of physical health, increase of intelligence levels, getting of mental satisfaction, improvement of personal, group and absolute records, as well as own physical capabilities and skills, sports exists to improve physical and mental characteristics of an individual.

Sports is part of physical culture is competitive activity and preparation for it. In sports there is desire to win and achievement of high results, mobilization of physical, mental and moral qualities. We need sports to influence our society.

Mass sports allows millions of people to improve their physical qualities and motor capabilities, to strengthen health and to prolong creative longevity.

One of the most important issues of development of sports is sports infrastructure. Life of the cities with developed sports infrastructure differs greatly from cities without sports facilities. This difference lies in the following: life conditions and its attractiveness, quality of life as such. Developed and available sports infrastructure always attracts young people, and that means a reduction of social aggression. Well developed infrastructure allows a city to attract international attention, for example, such cities are able to organize massive international competitions and it means that there will be a lot of tourists and economic development. There is also so-called "sports tourism", for example, fans can come to watch matches with their favorite teams. As a rule in such cities there are more talented athletes – world or Olympic champions. And finally sports-related infrastructure also develops (educational and medical institutions, research laboratories).

To achieve all these objectives it is necessary to build not only large sports facilities, but also domestic basketball playgrounds and football pitches, hockey boxes, summer skate parks, bike paths, open training complexes.

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