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The educational system is among the most important social institutions. Currently, according to its function and purpose the educational system plays a crucial role in society. The spread of mass education is the main condition for the successful functioning of a modern democratic political system.

Education is a personal development, it contributes to self-realization. At the same time, education has a decisive influence on a society, it ensures that the most important practical tasks will be fulfilled. The task to combine compulsory educational systems with structures of additional developmental education refers to the number of organizational issues.

The main functions of education as a social system are:

  • transfer of accumulated knowledge;
  • inculcating values of human culture;
  • impact on social mobility and the formation of social and professional structure of a society;
  • participation in the processes of socialization and ensuring the continuity of the social experience.

In accordance with the needs of the population there is a network of educational institutions of secondary vocational education and higher educational systems.

The system of educational institutions:

  • elementary education (kindergarten);
  • secondary education (school);
  • vocational education (college);
  • higher education (university, university, academy).

Additional education of children is an integral part of general education. This is a purposeful process of education and training through the implementation of additional educational programs.

Postgraduate education is a system of professional training for those who have higher education. This system is the part of educational structure, it is a research project by the results of which they give the degree.

The main purpose of the development of education is to meet the needs of the population in the harmonious development of personality, creativity, increase of intellectual and cultural potential of a country.

Planning, programming and forecasting play an important role in regulation of development of education. But also the infrastructure of educational institutions itself is of great importance: construction and reconstruction of buildings of schools, kindergartens, educational centers can provide stepping accessibility of education and improve infrastructure of residential districts in total.

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