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Promotion of public health is the priority direction of social infrastructure development. The health care system aims at improving and saving of physical and mental health of the population, disease prevention, maintaining long and active life and granting the qualified and available medical care.

Health care system consists of medical, therapeutic and preventive, and also insurance institutions.

Therapeutic and preventive institutions perform medical activity: hospitals, health centers, ambulatory clinics, scientific and practical centers, institutions of medical emergencies, stations of blood transfusion, institutions of maternal and child health, health resorts.

The main purpose of the functioning of these institutions of social infrastructure is to provide population with medical services in total volume and free access.

Management of health care system is the process that ensures functioning of health care system. The main purpose of the development of health care system is protecting of human health, which includes a set of different applied measures of of political, economic, legal, social, scientific, medical, sanitary and epidemiological nature. An important factor in the development of health care system is necessity to build new medical institutions and their material equipment.

Development of health care system as a sub-sector of social infrastructure takes into account main tasks of social policy aimed at improving the quality of life and reproduction of healthy and active generation.

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