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An airport is a complex of facilities for receiving, sending, basing of aircrafts and air transport service, consisting of an airfield, an airport and a cargo terminal.

A water airport is a water aerodrome (an area of open water used regularly by seaplanes or amphibious aircraft for landing and taking off), usually with passenger facilities on adjacent land, which acts as an airport.

An international airport is an airport, which is used for international air transport, and in which there is a border and customs control.

An aerodrome of any airport includes: airfield (runways), taxiways, platform, parking space and refueling, warehouses and complex air traffic control. In each airport there are offices and departments of: air traffic management, elector-technician and radio, meteorological, navigational.

The air terminal complex (the passenger terminal) includes terminal building designed for passengers' service. The terminal building has special services:

  • airline offices;
  • service of organization of passenger transport;
  • security;
  • luggage service;
  • services of border, immigration and customs control;
  • companies and enterprises that provide rest, food and leisure for passengers: restaurants and cafes, shops with press and souvenirs.

A cargo terminal takes luggage for delivery, where they prepare, process and load cargo and mail to aircraft. It is quipped with an indoor heated warehouse, delivery vehicles and mechanized handling facilities, means of cargo processing.

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