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Among the subbranches of non-ferrous metallurgy aluminum is on the first place on the volume of production and consumption.

Aluminum industry is a non-ferrous metal industry, it unites the enterprises for production of metal aluminum.

The major consumers of aluminum industry are: aviation, electrotechnical, automobile and other branches of machine-building and metalworking industry, as well as construction, railway transport, chemical and food industries.

Aluminum industry covers the following main productions:

  • mining of aluminum ores;
  • production of alumina (aluminum oxide) from ores or concentrates;
  • production of electrodes and the anode mass;
  • production of fluoride (cryolite, aluminum fluoride and sodium);
  • smelting of metal aluminum;
  • receipt of semi-finished products out of aluminum.

Bauxite, nephelines and alunite (complex raw material) are the main natural raw materials for the production of alumina for later extract of aluminum. The technological process consists of two stages: the production of alumina and aluminum metal production. In many cases, these processes are geographically separated, because the first step is a material-intensive and should be close to the source of raw materials, while location of the second one focuses on the source of cheap energy.

Aluminum industry is one of the most energy-intensive industries, so essential condition for its development is the availability of powerful sources of cheap electricity.

Cooperation of the Soviet and Russian companies in the organization of foreign enterprises of the aluminum industry:

  • modernization of alumina company «Aughinish», Ireland;
  • works to expand the bauxite mining in Guyana under the established joint company;
  • modernization and development of the new field «Kurubuka -22» of «Bauxite Company of Guyana»;
  • works to expand the capacity of alumina refinery in Fria, Guinea;
  • comprehensive modernization of an industrial enterprise «Kubal», a producer of primary aluminum, Sweden;
  • purchase and modernization of an aluminum plant «Alscon», Nigeria;
  • modernization of an industrial complex «Alpart», that uses alumina bauxite for production, Jamaica.
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